Fun Stuff
August 21st, 2013
ABC had some shocking secrets behind the making of Whodunnit. Want to know what they are? Of course you do, you're all curious little detectives.

Well, first off, not even Cris knew she was the killer until the last episode. In order to make the competition look real (and it was) everyone was killed off slowly. The killer didn't even know their own identity until the last half of the season finale. Cris was unaware the whole time and fighting for her life alongside the rest of them, making offhanded comments used later in the season mostly by accident.

Second, Giles knew who the killer was. Often enough he would prompt her to look suspicious, but not overly so.

Third, the Killer's tweets were made by one of the directors who had gotten to know Cris well enough that he could convey her attitude without giving too much away. Lots of cool things happened behind the scenes of Whodunnit, so stay tuned for more of them!

Season Finale
August 19th, 2013
So that's it then? That's the end of Whodunnit? I have to say I was surprised with both the identity of the killer and the winner of the competition. Secretly I think I wanted them to be switched around (or maybe not so secretly). But now we know what the show's ending looks like.

The set-up of all the quick little challenges was very entertaining and smart. It kept things moving quickly and people had to change what they were doing or continue guessing as they got the answers wrong. The giant question mark was very interesting as well and blended into the whole mystery theme, kind of tying it up in a Clue-esque fashion.

All the different dead bodies? That was pretty sweet! Who doesn't love zombies telling you what you need to know about their deaths? I mean, that was pretty cool. My favorite of all of them was Dante: that answer was a give-away unless you don't know about 80's pop culture. The whole saint-name mix up was one of the biggest contestant controversies ever on the show.

So will there be a second season? And what will our winner do with the prize money? Will Giles return if there is a second season? I don't know, but I sure hope so.

Episode 8
August 13th, 2013
This week's episode of Whodunnit was even more creative and competitive than the last. Melina is left on a team consisting only of herself while Kam, Cris, and Lindsey continue working together.

Ronnie's very scientific death took a lot out of our sleuths, who didn't know about castor beans and their ability to make Ricin, a deadly first. The clues being left by our lovely killer lead to a book about poisons, which alerted Kam's team to the cause of initial death.

But what about the cause of the explosion? Liquid nitrogen was rather obvious due to the floating ice chunks and ice burns on Ronnie's corpse. Melina was the only one who had access to the morgue, and luckily got a few important clues that allowed her to get a little bit ahead.

With Melina's scared card and sudden disappearance into the fog at the end of the episode, I'm both scared and excited for the season finale at Rue Manor!

Episode 7
August 5th, 2013
Watching the people turn away from each other and take sides so viciously, I'm wondering who the killer could possibly be. Ronnie and Kam are really going at each other, while the girls have a quieter fight amongst themselves. Lindsey's making a power play while Cris and Melina gross out in the morgue. The real trouble will be figuring out who gets what information and when!

This murder looks intricate, interesting, and Kam and Ronnie aren't sharing all the information they gathered. Not to mention Ronnie treating Melina like a little kid all of a sudden. Now, with Ronnie and Melina behind everyone else, will Melina finally switch teams to Cris, Lindsey, and Kam?

This week's murder was very intense. I'm proud of Lindsey for figuring it out and getting spared by the killer. We're down to the dregs as well, it seems, with Ronnie and Melina both scared and a threat of double murder. What will happen next week? We're almost close enough to find our killer! I believe we find ourselves in the final weeks of 'our' stay at Rue Manor.

Episode 6
July 29th, 2013
Last night's episode of Whodunnit was awesome! Did anyone else see that coming? I totally didn't! Two victims in one night was a real surprise, too. Especially since both Dana and Sasha were really good at finding clues. It's really down to the who's who of Whodunnit now. Ronnie, Kam, Lindsey, Melina, and Cris.

I'm surprised at how few guys are left. Lindsey and Melina seem both clueless but intelligent. They're obviously smart enough to piece the clues together and make good guesses, but otherwise they don't really know what's going on with the people around them. Their 'playing innocent' acts might get them far, if they're acts at all!

And who didn't laugh at Giles getting a little crazy at the luau? That was my favorite part of the entire show, hands down. We never get to see him in any light other than the creepy butler and it was great to see him limbo and, low and behold, take off his jacket! Anyone who thinks it was the butler has got to be dead wrong.

Now I'm excited for next week's episode. We draw ever closer to finding out Whodunnit!?

Episode 4
July 15th, 2013
The fourth installment of Whodunnit really has me at the edge of my seat. I would have never expected anyone to be killed like that! The Killer is very good at testing the guests when it comes to clues and riddles. Not to mention, they are very punny when speaking through Giles at dinner or to reveal clues.

I'm really sad that Ulysses got eliminated. He was one of my favorites. Perhaps Kam is the Killer, trying to hide his identity through a scared card that didn't lead up to his death. He seems to be the most in control next to Ronnie. Although Dana coming up alive after two scared cards is very unusual.

Team Kam and Team Geno are really butting heads, now, too. Which team are you guys on? I just hope someone worthy gets the money and figures out Whodunnit.

Episode 3
July 8th, 2013
Episode 3 has me really excited. Last week's murder was really creative, what about this week's? With Adrianna gone, will everyone get along better? Either way, I don't trust Geno at all. Ulysses, Kam, Cris, and Lindsey's little A-Team group is only getting on everyone's bad sides. Don and Ronnie have great sleuthing skills and seem to team up together well, but now that alliances are coming into play, what's going to happen?

The show has turned from solving mystery to sacrificing each other to the killer in order to win. And who seems most likely to be the killer? Everyone's blaming each other, but only Sasha seems to blow everything off.

Ronnie has the upper hand, but will he share the information with his teammates Don and Melina or let them fall by the wayside? The teams seem fragile and unable to converse with each other without getting in trouble or sharing false information. While this episode is far less fraudulent than the last, the remaining contestants seem wary and confused. Lindsey is spared, but who will fail to continue on?

As for the killer, Sasha seems to be the best guess in my opinion. She hasn't been eliminated so far, but she hasn't brought a ton to the table, either. She sits back and watches the others while they desperately try to solve everything but when attention is brought to her, she speaks up and makes herself noticeable. She barely misses clues, but doesn't necessarily complain all that much. Could she be the killer?

Episode 2
July 1st, 2013
In Episode 2 of ABC's Whodunnit we see Dantae killed in a fiery blaze in a very interesting way. Who could have come up with that ending? Only a genius, of course! So who is our killer? Don straight of the bat stops indulging the information he's gathered with the group. Adrianna gets close to the cause of death by noticing the different socks, the plaid pajamas, and the lock missing from the pool access door. Her behavior angers a teammate, which may cause problems later in the show.

The morgue goes downhill right away when they figure out where the fire started, but misconstrue what the fire's origin is. They also find the different pajamas. At the meeting, everyone starting sharing poor information while Ulysses, Kam, and Lindsey team up. Melina's dumb-girl act is going to get her in trouble by sharing the wrong name; which she fixes by sharing the correct name.

Ah! And the benzyne? Brilliant clue, but who could have guessed the ignition? Apparently Ronnie and Geno. But will the tempers light up faster than Dantae at dinner when they share missing clues? Now they must find out who the next victim is, since Ulysses is safe. Who will next week's victim be?

Reap the Rewards or Rest in Peace
June 27th, 2013
Whoddunit? is a new breed of reality television. Murder mystery that can be solved on a show and at home? Awesome! The episodes not only give you time to think and investigate along with the contestants, but if you're stumped, they give you the answers at the end during a dinner meeting. The two players with the conclusions furthest from the actual crime are marked "Scared" and have the chance of being victimized during the next episode. Those who were closest or fully solved it are marked as "Spared" and have no fear of being the next victim. Whoever figures out who the killer is wins $250,000 dollars.

The crimes are creative and vary each week. The first episode includes a red herring, two failing outcomes, and an ending that leaves you "with a racing heart". The strategies of using other members of a team to gather information and process it can be rewarding if they're right or terrifying if they're wrong. Not to mention, the occupation of said contestants also range from CSI employee to flight attendant; real people in the midst of solving a murder. The thrilling cliffhanger endings of each episode (the first one being one of the best so far!) leave you craving more.

The show gets even more involved by having a twitter account for the killer (@whodunnitkiller). Sometimes clues are left behind for the viewers to use to discover the identity of the murderer. Can you use the clues in the show and online to figure out who the murderer is? Get out your magnifying glass and fingerprinting kit, because ABC's Whodunnit? is addictive and hopefully here to stay!

Do YOU Have What It Takes?
June 17th, 2013
"You've all been selected to play this diabolical game of life and death." You've seen the movies and had the nightmares: the ones where you're trapped in a house with a group of people you don't know, and can't trust, and people are dying. Correction. People are being murdered. And you have two choices: solve the crime and find the murderer, or die.

A new preview out from ABC's upcoming murder mystery reality show Whodunnit? pulls scenes straight from your nightmares and into reality, and baby, does it hurt so good. We expect nothing less from Anthony E. Zuiker, the creator of the hit CSI franchise, whose has had us locked up in crime scene chains from day one. But this isn't an episode of CSI, and not all of these aspiring detectives are going to see a happy ending.

From the opening line to the final shot, this just might be the most suspenseful thirty seconds of television you've watched all year. Contestants have been selected to solve crimes during their stay, however short it may be, in the mansion. But they have a big problem: someone amongst them is a murderer and he (or she) has got their eye...on...everyone. In this show, the loser doesn't get "voted off the island." Instead they "face the ultimate elimination." Watch the preview and start making your guesses. Who will solve the crime, find the murderer, and win the cash prize, and who will pay the ultimate price for poor detective work?

Whodunnit, Coming soon!
June 10th, 2013
From the creators of the highly reputable CSI franchise, Anthony E.Zuiker brings us the new hit TV show called Whodunnit, hosted on ABC. The series will start on Sunday, June 23rd at 9:00PM.

Whodunnit puts 13 random contestants together to see if one lucky person can undercover the mystery murders. The lucky contestant that solves the anonymous murders will leave with a whopping $250,000! Contestants will have to push their investigation skills to the limit and will have to use all their skills to solve puzzling and complex murders to uncover the real, hidden truth.

For 9 episodes contestants will be staying in 'Rue Manor' and each week contestants will have to solve a new crime in order to advance and qualify for a chance to win. If a contestant fails to solve a crime they will be eliminated from the show until only 3 contestants remain.

If you are a keen fan of murder mysteries then you will undoubtedly be anticipating the release of Whodunnit, like myself. We, as the audience are given the unique opportunity to follow the twisted and surreal plots that contestants do to uncover the truth and the lies. Do you have the knowledge to discover the real truth behind all the deception and lies? If you loved similar shows such as 'The Mole' and 'Take The Money and Run' you will undoubtedly not want to miss this unique and engaging experience that will test your skills and abilities. I for one can't wait for this show and am extremely excited for the plot to unfold. The high tension of a murder mystery combined with the high energy and reality of competitive shows has me waiting on edge for this show!